David Peter Named As The Assassin

David Peters, the American professional in the poker especially in tournaments is being known as the “silent assassin” after gaining victory in the Poker Masters Main event held in 2018 and taking home prize money of around $1.15 Million. Poker for Peters began with an inspiration from the Moneymaker’s victory in the WSOP 2003 Main Event. He started with freerolls online where he won one $600 and kick-started his career, with a name from high school, DPeters17. He has cashed 47 times, made to final tables eight times, won a precious bracelet with an amount of $412,557 through the 22016 events.

Along with his successes in WSOP and WPT, he enjoys victory at EPT where he has earned greater than half a million from the 5 odd amounts of cash and the table. He has also bagged the 1st place in 2015 EPT 10,000-euro High NLHE Roller, 1st place in High Roller 2015 $25,000, 1st place in Asia Roller 2016 $25,000, etc. He emerged as the top at 2018 Poker Masters Main Event after an incredibly tough battle with his opponents. Currently, his gatherings are around $25 million and sit in 11th place money list considering all time.
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The Seventh Bullet Turns Out To Be Lucky For Leon Tsoukernik

Leon Tsoukernik scripts a great victory at Austria’s Casino Velden for the EM European Poker Championship for the €25,750 Super High Roller. This time around the tournament had generated a €1,025,000 prize pool, with 41 entries, including 27 unique players and 14 re-entries. He took away the €370,000 top prize, as it took him seven bullets to emerge victorious. Not to forget, he had recently skipped the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop by forfeiting a $50,000 deposit.

Though Thomas Mühlocker was the chip leader on day one, he along with other players like Matthias Eibinger, Josip Simunicand, and Erik Schniedel failed to make the money. After trying to bluff Tsoukernik’s two pair with queen-high, Niki Jedlicka became the first casualty of the final table. Tony G settled for fourth place and Maxi Lehmanski finished third. Manig Loeser from Germany defeated Lehmanski who also hails from Germany with his pocket kings.

The final hand was nothing short of exciting, with the stakes high, as Loeser missed his straight flush draw, Tsoukernik held Big Slick for top pair. This is the third largest win of the King’s Casino owner came after a long span of time. Tsoukernik’s last victory was in December 2016 when he won the EPT Prague Super High Roller. Besides this, his largest ever win amount stands at $1.8 million for finishing fourth in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl.
After the win, the controversial casino owner was all praise for Austria’s Casino Velden. The casino owner also expressed that he was a big fan of this tournament and he has a highly positive view of the casino. He further called it a jewel and a pearl and wondered how beautiful the game would be with the lack as the background.

Global Poker League Now Expands Into India

Global Poker League (GPL), which is a team-based poker competition, is all set to make its entry in the Indian market after launching in GPL India.

This will be a regional league that will be comprised of six teams coming from the “largest and more poker-friendly” cities of India. The information is shared in a press release on Tuesday. Teams from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chennai will have a blend of the pro players of the Global Poker Index (GPI) and the “grassroots” qualifiers.

The national team-based league “will act as a platform for promotion of poker as a sport all over the country and will help tie India into the worldwide community of this game,” stated in the release.

The company is moving ahead to start the first season of GPL India in the first quarter of 2018.

The GPL India announcement will be done after the completion of the season 1 of the international Global Poker League last December. Moreover, the launch of the company’s first regional tour in China with the name GPL China is currently underway. And the 2nd Season of the GPL is expected in the next year.

The release says that after the launch of GPL China, the company will take all the lessons, before heading for the beginning of GPL India.

Leagues apart

According to the information shared in the release, the GPL is not the first promoter of regional team based poker game, the Poker Sports League (PSL), is also a team-based league, which was founded by Indian online poker room Adda52. The league first ran its first successful year’s event. It got an overwhelming response from Indian poker community. Hope GPL also receives the same kind of response in India after its first launch.

Vitch Won WSOP 2017 Stud Eight-Or-Better

Chris Vitch won a bracelet for the second time and the prize amount of $320,103 for finishing first.

Prior to this Christopher earned his first WSOP gold bracelet in 2016 playing in the event $2,500 mixed triple draw. He finished first in the event and won the prize amount of $136,854. Now in the year 2017, he moved a step up and topped a field of elite in the championship $10,000 stud eight-or-better. He finished first in the event, won his career’s second gold bracelet and the prize amount of $320,103 payday.

The player is 34-year-old and he was a computer engineer by profession. Now in the world of poker, he is known with the name limit and mixed-games specialist. The second win of Christopher does not come easy, in the final table of the championship; he encountered bracelet winners Jonathan Duhamel (5th), Brock Parker (7th), Benny Glaser (2nd) and Abe Mosseri (3rd).

Sharing his thoughts, Christopher said, “The final table was full of champions and it was clear to me that this is not going to some easy. Benny is a great player and before the game, he told me that he has been at this stage earlier as well and have never lost any event after reaching this point.”

“I’m glad that I am the first who defeated him at this table. The entire game was full of challenges and there were chances that any one of us could have won, especially when we reached at the highest level of the game,” he further added.

Phil Hellmuth was also the part of this event and he was running for his record 15th bracelet of the WSOP, he missed the entry in the final table, and finished in the ninth position for the winning amount of $26,938.

Chan Attended Opening Of PKC Macau

The poker pro Johnny Chan was seen in the Venetian Macau Casino as a guest of honor in the Macau Big Game organized by the Poker King Club (PKC).

The game used to take place StarWorld Casino since years and not it has shifted its destination from StarWorld Casino to The Venetian Macau. Though, the club provided the temporary space for the players and organizers as if now, because they are waiting for the renovated new poker room to get ready soon.

On 22 May, PKC revealed the new poker room is spectacular and it will host the event amazingly. They said, including star poker player Johnny Chan, many others are also coming into the event and also in the new casino. Few distinguished names are Phil Ivey and Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

The players were accompanied by luminaries such as Poker King Club President Winfred Yu; YM Choong, Suncity Group President of Marketing Strategy; Director and Senior Vice President of Venetian and Plaza Operations Ciaran Carruthers, Sands China Ltd.; and VP of Casino Operations, Venetian Macau Limited, Harold Tsakmaklis.

In the opening speech the president of Poker King Club Yu said, “The Casino Venetian Macau is one of the most esteemed and integrated resorts in Macau. This move to organize a poker event in the casino let us take the benefit of its upscale dining, entertainment, hotel and shopping options. We will continue to deliver the best experience to the players here.”

Yu also spoke about the event; he gave the detail of the event like how many players are participating in it, how many rounds will be there, etc.

Speaking about the new casino and event, Jonny Chan Said, “The Casino is great, it is the perfect amalgamation of entertainment and restaurant. I like this place and hope other players also feel the same as I do.”

Phil Ivey To Pay Up Borgata

Phil Ivey has been ordered by the court to return an amount of $10.1 million to the Borgata.

This court ruling has come by as Phil Ivey, a ten time World Series of Poker bracelet champion and his associate lost their case that was running on the issue of edge sorting as filed by Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in the Atlantic City. This case had been running for some time and the verdict has been published now.

A US district judge passed the ruling last week. Noel Hillman ruled that, based on his findings, Ivey and his partner who played at the table, namely Cheung Yin Sun, would have to return the stated amount back to the casino. The judge, however also reiterated that Ivey had not broken the rules as per Baccarat game that was being played or was not found guilty to have committed fraud. However, he had entered a contract with the casino that was breached.

The contract terms were initially debated in court in October of last year. Ivey probably beat the casino at their own game and he is likely to appeal to the ruling that has been issued. This is also because the prior game visits that Ivey did had been in accordance with the casino’s rules.

The ruling of the federal court stated that a player can use his skill as well as intellectually to play the games, but should not use the same to beat casinos in the games and setup they devise. The casino had made every accommodation request as put in by Phil in his prior visits. Borgata had initially requested that the judge assess the damages that the player had caused to the casino. However, that method or approach was rejected by the judge. However the aspect of using edge sorting that became a speculative aspect is what the judge focused upon and ruled in favor of the casino.

Poker Player Boree Started REG

When people earn money they think buying a luxury from its.

It could be anything like a car, house, jewelry etc. But, poker player Liv Boeree surprised the world by investing her money in social cause. Ms. Boree had started an organization that works for philanthropy. The name of the organization is rising for Effective Giving (REG).

In her latest interview Boree said she wanted to save the world with this organization by spreading the messages of charity and unselfishness. This organization encourages people who are involved with poker game to donate portion of their winning amount to them. According to Boree, it is one of the most effective of charity and one should not hesitate spending for social cause.

Real altruism is finding the best methods to do well. In the world there are many problems that lead people into suffering and the solution of all problems are just too times and money. These are only the two finite resources that are capable of resolving any type of problem. By asking poker players to donate portion of their winning amount in REG we don’t want to be an organization that make profit out of people’s emotions. We have done through research and then come to these two resources that can solve the suffering of individuals.

From the time REF has been established the organization has raised over $1.5 million Dollars that will be used for charities. It is not like Boree is the only lady involve with REG and supporting mission which is explained above. On the contrary, some of the poker players and young generation have come up to support REF and pay their winning amount of organization.

It is one of the great efforts done by any poker players. Let’s see what results it brings.

New Poker Legislation Launched

New poker legislation has been launched at the federal level for anti online casino games.

This has been due to the efforts of a Republican Senator from the state of Arkansas. He has been able to get a ban established on casino games involving real money at online forums. It had been an attempt by Sheldon Adelson for a long time. It has finally come into effect. Senator Tom Cotton introduced the S.3376 bill that seeks to ensure that financial instruments are not used to fund or operate online casinos. The laws need to ensure that such enforcement is carried out for the statewide online casinos.

The proposal made by Cotton is shell legislation merely. It is at present with the Senate Committee and it awaits a hearing with the Judiciary.

The Obama Department of Justice has reinterpreted the old Wire Act in 2011 in order to allow states to allow online casinos as well as internet lottery to be legalized. Since then states like Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have allowed online gambling to work legally in their states. Other states like Massachusetts, New York, California, Pennsylvania and Michigan have been looking to implement gambling on the web that would be on the lines of Las Vegas.

However, things are not as easy as the online market for gambling, including poker rake in a lot of revenue. It is estimated that the market will earn about four billion by the year 2020. Adelson, who is a casino tycoon in Las Vegas, had stated that he would spend as much money as is required to get the Wire Act back in action. This would prevent states from being able to make the games legalized as well as to regulate the games. In the previous two years there have been several attempts.

Big wins for Edmund Yeung and Jack O’Neill in poker

It must be stated that recently there has a grand mix of live poker and online poker events to talk about.

On the weekend, the whole aim was totally on Dusk Till Dawn where Sky Poker UK Poker Championships 2016 were happening. Already, Jack O’Neill was guaranteed a productive tour thanks to winning the £2200 High Rollerfor £55000, but that magnificent amount was blown out of the water by £210000 won by Edmund Yeung, the Main Event champion.

At present, 2 top live events are in play. One is in London. It is the Unibet Open takes place (Jan Riha led after Day 1A). The second one if far up in the north of England, where the 2nd leg of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour 2016 has played out his very first starting battle. Yani Yanev was the player to looked at after Day 1A, as he called on his 20000 chip starting heap into a quite ridiculous 217100 over the row of nine sixty minute levels.

Another live poker event is lined up and it will take place later this month. If you are thinking of trying your luck at a live game of poker, then there are also several events waiting for you later. Earlier, it was mentioned that Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford made it to the top fifty of the online poker rankings worldwide following a series of impressive results. Hr is now in the 19th spot in the world and 2nd in the United Kingdom.

New York: DFS sites allowed to operate

The two top DFS sites can carry on doing business in the New York cyberspace when they invoke the state’s effort to close down to New York Supreme Court, an appellate panel stated earlier on Monday. DraftKings and FanDuel will have the scope to take action from the residents of New York in the time leading up to their state Supreme Court date in May.

Late in 2015, a New York Supreme Court Justice aligned with Eric Schneiderman, the New York Attorney General, and ordered the places to exit New York as soon as possible. Still, the DFS firms were soon granted an emergency stay. The ruling on Monday is a permanent stay.

The Empire State that consists around 19.75 million residents,
represents around thirteen percent
of the active users for the 2 firms, as per the company filings. The new ruling hits as the New York legislature looks at shaping fantasy sports. If such a bill comes, it would probably spell the finish of the legal fight between the places as well as the state’s attorney general.

In a statement, New York-based FanDuel stated that they are grateful for the legions of New York fantasy sports players that the permanent stay entered today makes sure that they could carry on to take part in their games here as the case progresses. They are confident that fantasy sports have always operated lawfully in New York, but they really believe that new, common-sense regulations to save consumers and showcase the evolution and growth of the game are required. The New York legislature, like several states around the country, is working towards such rules, and they will work with them to achieve it.